Changes of the Heart


Grace is now single after a recent breakup and needs a new start. She finds an old farmstead within her budget and decides to go for it. Located just south of Phoenix, it’s isolated but Grace hopes it will be the best place to create book covers and let her creative juices flow as an artist. Her first night there, with no power or water, she is surprised by an intruder, who takes her down. The local Deputy Sheriff Micah, who checks the property frequently, thinks Grace is a possible squatter and makes his disapproval known. Once matters are cleared up, Micah begins to help Grace get settled and helps move items into her home from the old barn where old furniture and many secrets lie. 


“Changes of the Heart” is a very endearing story of a woman who at all costs attempts to be independent and just can’t quite pull it off. The irony in her name and her predicaments truly gets proven. The heroine's character is well developed and easy to love throughout this suspenseful roller coaster ride. The hero, Micah, happens to be in the right place at the right time, most of the time. The supporting characters and sub plots are well played. The pace flows consistently and aside from a few editing errors, readers will not put this one down until the mystery is solved! Great twist with the whodunit! This is a fabulous quick read and is wrapped up with a nice big red bow!


Viola Robbins