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Katia, adopted and tortured as a child by her father Victor, manages to escape his clutches for several years. When she is recaptured she is put into suspended animation until 2120, when she is awoken by Dr. Julius Freeman.

On the Edge

Andy Parker's husband Stefan died six years ago, leaving her and daughter Hayden Grace all alone. Daily life still revolves around rather strict rules Stefan wrote before his first deployment.

After years of being tormented by bullies Charlie (Charlene) thought of herself as undesirable because of her weight and tall stature. Desperate for a change, she decided to let down her walls and allow someone in.

Mountain of Deception

Tessa Cooper is on sabbatical, hiding away in a quaint mountain town to write a novel and heal after the death of her husband.

FANTASY:  Morgan Daniel is desperate to get away from the danger in her life. As she races toward the safety of her aunt's mountain cabin she is run off the road.