Katia, adopted and tortured as a child by her father Victor, manages to escape his clutches for several years. When she is recaptured she is put into suspended animation until 2120, when she is awoken by Dr. Julius Freeman. Her past haunts her; she only had one true friend and thinks of her paranormal ability as a curse. She does not understand why she is there. Katia must carve a niche out for herself in the Melbourne of the future. Julius takes her under his wing, but she is not used to his kindness, nor is she privy to why both of them are now being hunted.


Katia’s memories capture the reader's interest, but the story feels like a transcribed interview with Katia. The dialogue and narrative mirror each other, slowing down the pace, and readers may find themselves reviewing passages. Events are strung together in order to reveal the futuristic setting, identifying a strong antagonist, and describing Julius’ and Katia’s pasts and present that merge nicely during the last part of the book. With emphasis placed on character development, it is worth noting that the author hides the key to the plot within the dialogue. 


At this story’s heart resides self-acceptance and discovery bolstered by someone who knows more than he lets on. Though the story ends at a natural stopping place, the author hints that there is more to come.


Heather R. Nielsen