The Hunter's Moon (The Secret Warriors Series - Book 1)

Young Adult

FANTASY:  Morgan Daniel is desperate to get away from the danger in her life. As she races toward the safety of her aunt's mountain cabin she is run off the road. Lost in the forest and pursued by a street gang, her escape fast goes from bad to worse. With time ticking away quickly, she has no clear path of escape and no way to protect her brother - until a shadow passes in front of her. The shadow belongs to a werewolf. As a portent of things to come, once securely tucked away in his fortress-like home, Morgan discovers her exodus is actually a return to her family's past and her destiny.


Car chase, dramatic crash, life-and-death pursuit! “The Hunter's Moon” is a tale of fated romance, a secret clan of shape shifters, and bubbling dangers from Morgan's not-so-recent past. From the few initial scenes of the story, one knows they are in for a fast-paced adventure, which will stir the attention of the reader. As the novel progresses a herky-jerky experience occurs, which makes it difficult to settle into the story's arc. The same imbalance happens with character development as well. For all of the attention Morgan received, Jackson received the exact opposite,  leaving the reader with a large question mark. Still, one could assume since this is the first book in the series, more details will likely be revealed in later editions, which makes this series worth trying.

Amy Willis