Progress (Progress Series - Book 1)

New Adult

After years of being tormented by bullies Charlie (Charlene) thought of herself as undesirable because of her weight and tall stature. Desperate for a change, she decided to let down her walls and allow someone in. Jesse was the embodiment of raw, angry rage: emotionally damaged, yet physically magnificent. Lost in his depression, he doubted finding someone to heal his emotional wounds. Opposites - both inside and out - they formed a tenuous friendship, which slipped into romance. Their newly discovered strength urged each other to achieve their deepest desires. Jesse - peace. Charlie - love. In the blink of an eye and declaration of a sharp word, the progress they made slipped away.

Readers will have never read a book quite like this before! With a full-figured female lead pursued by a haunted male suitor, "Progress" is a refreshing new take on the standard romance heroine. The plotline is angry, broken, and raw much like the characters. Author Amalie Silver turns the reader's idea of a love story on its ear, intriguing us with dark characters with bruised souls. Their collective self-loathing made them sympathetic but their actions toward one another had the opposite effect. The book is divided into three parts - one from each character's point of view and the final as a joint perspective. At the end, the book's lagging pace turned into a dash to the finish line leaving the reader rushed, surprised, and a bit confused. Still, the freshness of this modern love story makes it worthy of a try - just be aware a happily ever after cannot be guaranteed.

Amy Willis