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Listen Mama
M.S.P. Williams
Narrator: JD Jackson

YOUNG ADULT MEMOIR: Manny wants to preserve the truth of his reality. The best way Manny can help his mama know the truth is to preserve it in letters he begins to write to her in a journal she gifts him as a child. Manny longs for his mama’s love and acceptance and his longing is heard in each letter that he writes.

It is Patsy Crompton’s first season. But Patsy isn’t in a hurry to find a husband. She wants to enjoy her season and is looking for a love match. All that changes when she dances with The Earl of Ainsworth, Nicolai Morgan-Lloyd. Nicolai is Patsy’s polar opposite. He is a stickler for the rules while she is fun and pushes all the boundaries.

This Tarnished Light

Polly Bridger had a family once, a family and a home. But a series of unfortunate events begins to strip Polly of her naiveté and expose her to a whole different world. Albert Coward is a light in Polly’s life. Albert provides Polly with love, support, and the material things she needs. But when Albert finds himself in jail Polly is left with nothing.

Timothy Holt has three young sisters to marry off in a single season. Three debutantes. Eloisa is a proper young debutante. However, when a painting of her mother is shown at a party, and her mother is nude, she must stop more paintings from being shown if she and her sisters want to have a proper season. Eloisa will go to any length to stop the paintings from being shown.

SCI-FI: The Rhonar warriors have a problem, they must find their true mates or face a terrifying fate. Thankfully, the women of Earth can be the warriors' mates. While the people of Earth and the Rhonar are in negotiations for their right to claim brides, Brok and other warriors patrol the planet to keep it safe.