Tempting the Sheriff (Sherwood Forest Shifters Book One)

Anna Lowe
Narrator: Kelsey Osborne, Chris Merlin

PARANORMAL: The famous Robin Hood is actually a woman! Robynne Hood, who is a fox shifter, made outlaw after standing up for what she believes in! When her brother, Robert, and his Merry Men decide to rob a carriage which is full of ladies of the court, they rope in Daniel, the acting Sheriff of Nottingham. Daniel is Robynne’s mate, and a dragon shifter. After having gone to fight in the crusades, Daniel isn’t sure what to do with his life anymore. He’s offered a post as temporary Sheriff of Nottingham, and his job is to stop the outlaws—a.k.a Robin Hood. Robynne doesn’t expect to reunite with Daniel under such circumstances; he’s not supposed to be her enemy! True love might not prevail in the end.

One of the best adaptations of Robin Hood that’s graced bookshelves! “Tempting the Sheriff” takes that familiar story and all of the characters, spins it around a few times, and makes it something new. Ms. Lowe has beautifully crafted a love story between Robynne and Daniel, the main heroine and hero of the book. Their longing and lust is palpable, and their chemistry is believable. All of the side characters making up the Merry Men are fun and unique as well, leaving readers wanting more from this world Ms. Lowe has created! The plot is fast moving and engaging, and hard to put down! Even when not reading, the reader will be thinking about the story and what’s going to happen next! A few world building elements could use a bit more detail, and while the plot devices are logical, they could be a tad bit stronger. Overall, this is an awesome take on a classic tale!

Ms. Osborne and Mr. Merlin bring to life Robin and Daniel, respectively. Ms. Osborne has an energy in her performance that drives the story forward. Both her and Mr. Merlin are emotionally connected to the book, and it makes for a more engaging read! They nail all of the characters, male and female. The pacing is top-notch! They are the perfect pair for this novel!

This is a great beginning of a paranormal shifter romance series, and it’s great for lovers of classic lore as well!

Chelsea Andersen