A Glimmer in the Hollows


Jessica Paige has a very troubling past. As a babysitter to a six-year-old girl named Olivia, she was meant to protect her, but now Jessica is only haunted by nightmares of what may have happened to little Olivia. Twenty years ago, Olivia went missing, and all that Jessica has left are fragments of memories from that night. As Jessica tries to uncover the truth behind her mysterious disappearance, she stumbles upon more cases of missing children, all in her town of Driftwood. Author, Elliot Reed, is also interested in what’s happening in Jessica’s small Appalachian town, and he is hoping to use it as a premise for his next novel. When this unlikely pair collide, they decide to work together to find answers that may lead them to Olivia, and many other missing children.

“A Glimmer in the Hollows” is a very fast paced, dual perspective story unlike any other. Filled with mystery, science fiction, and a little bit of romance, readers will definitely fly through this one. The overall premise of the story is very unique and will definitely have readers spooked. However, some of the plot points are a little far-fetched, for example, when Elliot turns up in Jessica’s town and he just so happens to be her favorite author. Character development is a bit lacking as well. While readers will learn a good bit about Jessica and her history, there is little said about Elliot and his past, let alone his interests or even characteristics. The romance between the duo develops pretty quickly, despite having very few scenes together throughout the book.  Nonetheless, “A Glimmer in the Hollows” will keep readers on the edge of their seat, anticipating how the story will end.

Jennifer Shepherd