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The Enigma Beyond (The Enigma Series, Book 11)
Breakfield and Burkey

Narrator: Derek Shoales

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  In this eleventh installment of the series, artificial intelligence begins to take over the decision-making of humans at some point in the near future. A group of power-hungry brokers, named The MAG Group, is plotting to take over the world.

Hazel Curwen, attendant to the Princess of Wales in 1814, arrives for duty in Connaught Place to find a raucous party occurring. She adroitly avoids the inebriated men on her way to the princess’s chambers, only to find three other young ladies hiding within the antechamber.

Blood Rogue
Linda J.

To vampire Charles Tower, nothing could be sweeter than the taste of Stacy Morgan’s lips. Nothing could be crueler, then, when she is marked for death by Mikhail, the only father Charles has ever known. The man who reared him and taught him how to survive has gone rogue, and it is up to Charles to put him down. How can he convince himself, and Stacy, that love between them is impossible?

All Henrietta Smith wants is her roof fixed. Instead, she ends up with a British soldier in her home threatening her friends, a dog tracking mud through her house and stealing chickens, and Marcus Hardwicke disrupting her life by trying to improve it. After falling off of Henrietta’s roof, Marcus cannot leave until his broken ankle heals.

Matilda has always pondered her identity after being abandoned as a baby. Discovering it, however, proves more sinister than expected. Desperate to hide the secret threatening both her and her kin, Matilda would choose death before losing the trust of her loved ones. Reginald lives for the moment, preferring to travel as a knight rather than focusing on tomorrow.