The Almost Queen

New Adult

FANTASY: As children, Ellara, a witch, saves Tarran from a dragon. But in a world where witches are outcasts, their lives carry them in very different directions. In a war-torn world which has seen king after king torn from the throne, Ellara fights for the freedom of her people and Tarran for his family’s right to rule. But when Ellara’s luck runs out, she turns to Tarran to honor his debt to her. Ellara suggests a union to the benefit of both their people. Their relationship must survive numerous hardships and the hatred and doubt of the witches and humans alike.

In “The Almost Queen”, Alys Murray creates a spell-binding narrative set in a world unlike any other. The world building for Aulen, the realm of the humans, is incredibly strong. On the contrary, while the terrible conditions of Outerland, the realm of witches, are hinted at, the extent of the conditions is not made clear until the very end. The background of the witch race as a whole could also be more developed. The plot and conflict is incredibly compelling, especially at the beginning, with a well driven pace and well-developed characters. The end of the story is wrapped up too quickly, feeling almost like an afterthought, with the major conflict both beginning and ending in the blink of an eye. This quick wrap-up left an incomplete feeling. The dialogue is strong, with each character sounding unique and differentiated from each other. Ms. Murray’s imaginative fantasy realm of Aulen allows readers a captivating escape from real life and a captivating couple for whom to wish happily ever after.

Shailyn Rogers