A Governess of Discretion (The Governess Bureau Book 2)

Emily EK

Anne Gilbert, a member of the highly respected Governess Bureau, is set to receive a new assignment. Timothy Lexington, Earl of Clarcton, is in need of a governess for his daughter but also someone who can pretend to be his absent wife to keep gossip and women at bay. Laying eyes on Anne, he realizes she has an uncanny resemblance to his wife, except of course, Anne’s fiery red hair. Arriving at the estate, Anne takes to her new charge, four-year-old Frances, immediately, but discovers that Timothy and his staff hold many secrets. Anne, agreeing to play the part of countess for the ball, slowly unravels secrets as she learns to perfect her soon-to-be character. When secrets begin to come to light, will they destroy what they both know they should never be feeling?       

The mysteries wrapped in this beautiful storyline unravel in the most intriguing ways. Slowly, as the characters develop, the reader begins to understand the secrets and the need behind them. Struggling to maintain their professional distance, Anne and Timothy’s love for each other feels true and real. The story was a bit drawn out and at times the staff’s characters are questionable, which seems out of place as they were so protective of him. Timothy’s staff knew that his footman was not a decent person but never spoke to him about it, even though they all spoke candidly to Timothy at times. Some of the revelations at the end were a bit underwhelming. Overall, a truly delightful story that will warm even the coldest heart, showing that no matter what your status, love will prevail.

Marie Sanderson