Fake Me: Last Chance Beach Romance


Nursing a broken heart from the death of his fiancée, Grady O’Hara is determined to keep himself hidden away to sulk in peace. But when Farren Parks practically barges into his life with a plan to reinvent the motel he owns, Grady jumps at the chance to make a deal with her. He’s willing to let her reopen the motel for single parent vacations if she is willing to pretend to be his girlfriend to keep his meddling sister off his back - and out of his personal life. Knowing she has no plans for a romance any time soon, Farren reluctantly agrees. When opening day arrives for Singles Fest, Grady is surprised to find that not only has his hardened heart started to melt, but he is excited to see Farren’s dream become a reality. Only when a visitor shows up from Farren’s past does Grady realize his feelings for her have gone beyond the “fake” relationship they’ve been portraying.

“Fake Me” is a fantastic read with wonderful characters that are relatable in every sense. From Farren’s lovable and innocent confidence to Grady’s heart-broken gruffness, these characters draw the reader in and never release them. Even the secondary characters are full of life and entertaining, with some being delightful and others’ shiftiness inducing all the heated feelings a reader might have. Reading this charming book is a true delight and will make anyone long to be sitting on the beach listening to the waves, or next to the pool at the Landseer Motel with a cocktail in hand.

Marie Sanderson