Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

HISTORICAL: Ellie Nomikos knew her past would catch up to her someday, but she didn’t expect to be ordered to kill the man who once held her heart. However, Ellie has no interest in obeying the crime lord threatening her, and instead she determines to find Dan Moriarty and hope that the lies that tore them apart won’t keep them from saving their daughter now.

Into the Fog

SCIENCE FICTION: Heidi Crawford’s typical drive home turns worrisome as she hits her brakes in the fog of the mountains of Alberta. The fog engulfs her Jeep, making her quick displacement a bit of a shock when icy roads are replaced by a brown desert ghost town. Dustin, the local cook at the diner, welcomes Heidi, who is desperate to get home to her daughter.

Bonded For Life

Lola Getz has never forgotten her first love. Webster Bond was a boy she fell for in high school, but their romance was cut short when she had to return to Mexico following the death of her parents. Years have passed, and Lola, now a celebrated artist, is terrorized when armed men break into her home.

The Last Golden Isle

Clare Matthews has been through a lot in her life. Trauma from when she was in college now means she tends to keep men at a distance. Finding herself on one of Georgia’s Golden Isle’s, she is surprised when she meets a security guard, Jon, who is tall, stern, and there is something about him that she cannot shake.

Anita Goodman and Patrick O’Leary find themselves in a bit of a sticky situation, and it is a far cry from the smooth floor of the dance floor they’re both used to. Both will learn truths about one another – and others – that they never thought possible.