Into the Fog


SCIENCE FICTION: Heidi Crawford’s typical drive home turns worrisome as she hits her brakes in the fog of the mountains of Alberta. The fog engulfs her Jeep, making her quick displacement a bit of a shock when icy roads are replaced by a brown desert ghost town. Dustin, the local cook at the diner, welcomes Heidi, who is desperate to get home to her daughter. The other strangers of the mysterious ghost town are less than welcoming. Meanwhile, Heidi’s daughter, Emma, grows concerned with her mother’s disappearance. She not only pleads for help from local law enforcement, but Emma even enlists her mother’s high school nemesis to help. As the search for Heidi grows concerning, she continues to unravel the mysteries surrounding her, bringing Heidi’s fear of being watched to a reality she never saw coming.  

“Into the Fog” is a unique suspense/science fiction story that kicks into action from the start. Readers will enjoy the thrill of twists and turns. Emma’s and Heidi’s point of view are well written. Readers will enjoy the love the mother and daughter share. However, the physical relationships that Heidi encounters may feel planted since they do not contribute to the story’s arc. If anything, readers may feel deflated with some unique twists that miss the mark in satisfying the overall premise. While this story has elements of a thriller, mystery, and romance, it has more of a science fiction feel, and a few spelling errors can easily be cleaned up. “Into the Fog” will intrigue those who wonder the next time they drive into the fog if they, too, will end up in a mysterious ghost town.

Moira Wolf