Bonded For Life


Lola Getz has never forgotten her first love. Webster Bond was a boy she fell for in high school, but their romance was cut short when she had to return to Mexico following the death of her parents. Years have passed, and Lola, now a celebrated artist, is terrorized when armed men break into her home. She decides to go to her twenty-fifth high school reunion; the one place she feels might be a safe haven for her. Webster, now a cop, is immediately drawn back to her, and he promises that he will keep her safe. Will he keep his promise to protect her? Or will those who want to harm Lola succeed?

This is a classic story of a woman going back to her hometown and running into her old high school sweetheart. There is added tension with Lola being attacked, and the dynamic between her and Webster is engaging and hot. There is something to be said for a suspense romance that has some of the clichés, but sometimes, that is exactly what is needed. Sharon Buchbinder has given fans of romance precisely what they want in a book, and has written it splendidly to boot. Whether already a fan of the author, or if this is the first time reading her, there will be cause to go back and check out her other work and enjoy those. Another great one to add to the list this holiday season, and perhaps one that could be completed in one sitting.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick