Reviews - Suspense/Thriller

Needing a new start, Dobson Ramirez has a new job at the Dunes Bay Police Department as a detective after working in Chicago. She is tasked with taking down the Esposito crime family, and previous experience means that she will not let her personal life interfere with her work life ever again. What she doesn’t expect is to run into an infuriatingly sexy EMT who pushes her buttons.

Rare books stolen from a local library give Detective Kim Jansen her latest case. The sixteen volumes are half of a set featuring photographs of Native Americans. During the theft, there is serious injury to a security guard. As Jansen gathers information, her list of suspects grows to include a wealthy vineyard owner, his history professor son, and an old college roommate.

Ballroom Blitz

Anita Goodman is a professional dancer who owns her own studio. She is all set to perform in a competition known as the Keystone Star Ball, with her boyfriend, Mikhail, when he suddenly breaks up with her for someone else. Struggling to find someone to replace him, her best friend, Patrick, offers to take his place.

Fatal Hunt

Jon, a retired FBI agent, is living peacefully with his pregnant wife, Jessica, and her son, Bryce, on a ranch in Montana. That is until mobsters set out to seek revenge on Jon and his family. Over a decade ago, Jon helped bring down Hugh Jones’ Kansas City Mob, and Hugh is determined to get his revenge. Hugh targets Jon and his family relentlessly.

PARANORMAL: Colt Layne loves his horses, he loves the ranch he inherited from his late grandfather, and he loves playing music with his friends. Colt also operates a horse sanctuary and has a special gift which allows him to communicate with the large animals. When a mysterious stranger rolls onto his land claiming it’s rightfully his, many questions arise.