Ballroom Blitz


Anita Goodman is a professional dancer who owns her own studio. She is all set to perform in a competition known as the Keystone Star Ball, with her boyfriend, Mikhail, when he suddenly breaks up with her for someone else. Struggling to find someone to replace him, her best friend, Patrick, offers to take his place. While Patrick has been off the dance circuit for a while, he is pretty sure he can keep up with the vivacious Anita. As the two spend more and more time together, their old feelings begin to resurface, and dancing together isn’t the only thing on their minds. But someone else does not want them together, dancing or otherwise, and will stop at absolutely nothing to keep them apart.

“Ballroom Blitz” is a fun and fast-paced story of old flames finding each other again in an unfortunate situation. Ms. Cross writes her main characters very well. They are very down-to-earth, relatable, and easy to love, despite some of their flaws. The plot flows smoothly and the twists and turns will have readers guessing which character is the real villain. With that being said, more dance scenes would be amazing to read about to get a better sense of the chemistry between Patrick and Anita. Readers would also benefit from more character development of the villain in this story. While motive is presented, personality traits were a bit fleeting for this character. Nonetheless, readers who are fans of mysteries and slow-burn, angsty romance will not be able to put this book down!

Jennifer Shepherd