Saddled Hearts (The White Rune Series, Book 3)


PARANORMAL: Colt Layne loves his horses, he loves the ranch he inherited from his late grandfather, and he loves playing music with his friends. Colt also operates a horse sanctuary and has a special gift which allows him to communicate with the large animals. When a mysterious stranger rolls onto his land claiming it’s rightfully his, many questions arise. His grandfather had never mentioned the man, so now Colt wishes he could simply ask his grandfather what’s happening. When Colt shares this with his close friend Jag, he suggests talking to a medium. Colt is desperate for answers from his grandfather, so he makes an appointment with Sage Coventry. When a murder occurs and Colt is the accused, things go sideways quick. Can Sage help clear Colt’s name.

“Saddled Hearts” is a high drama suspense story that will keep readers hands gripping tight to the reigns! Ms. Sikes has checked all the boxes for a suspenseful romance and takes readers along for the wild ride. Her characters are all strong. Each has their own strengths which that serve their purpose in the story. The villains unfold as the mystery develops and are well developed. The drama is well paced, the mysterious power of the special stone and the gift of the medium are done in a believable way which adds a special layer to the overall story. Readers who enjoy a hard working cowboy with some paranormal bits thrown into a budding romance are in for a treat with this installment.

Viola Robbins