Fatal Hunt


Jon, a retired FBI agent, is living peacefully with his pregnant wife, Jessica, and her son, Bryce, on a ranch in Montana. That is until mobsters set out to seek revenge on Jon and his family. Over a decade ago, Jon helped bring down Hugh Jones’ Kansas City Mob, and Hugh is determined to get his revenge. Hugh targets Jon and his family relentlessly. Jon, Jessica, and her son are forced to flee from one location after another to survive. Readers will follow Jon and his family as they travel from Montana to Canada, across the Rocky Mountains, to Kansas City and Hawaii, trying to escape the threat that is continuously following them.

“Fatal Hunt” is a heart-pounding thriller that will have readers on the edge of their seats! With great character and plot development, Ms. Godard-Richer does an outstanding job of engaging the reader. There are also paranormal elements introduced in the form of a late husband that are very surprising and well written. Readers are sure to enjoy this supernatural twist. The characters are very well thought out and may have readers rethinking their initial feelings, as some characters mature throughout the book. The story flows smoothly with a lot of surprises along the way. All of this action mixed together with a little bit of romance makes for a very fun and exciting read. With very likeable characters, as well as very deplorable villains, “Fatal Hunt” is fast paced and will have readers guessing until the very end.

Jennifer Shepherd