Recent Reviews

The Mason List
S.D. Hendrickson,
Honey St. Dennis

CONTEMPORARY:  Alex has grown up keeping tally of all the things the Mason family has done for her and her father, so this book is aptly titled “The Mason List”.

Vivian Bedford, the sole caretaker for her handicapped sister, Mae, has a chance encounter with a dying soul - an encounter that will change her fate, her eternity. 

Way Too Deep (Love Overboard Series Book One)
Andrea K. Stein,
Sawyer Stone

Captain Lindsay Fisher has one more chance to redeem herself after losing multiple yachts to the ocean - a career-killing action in the tight community of her chosen profession. Celebrity Chef Alton Maura seeks redemption after being accused of poisoning his patrons, not once, but twice, allowing his cocky attitude to tank his career.

Once upon a time all in Rothwyn knew the tales of magic associated with the ancient well within its borders. Now only a meager few know what lies within the confines of the watering hole. 

Desperately Seeking Sixty-Nine
J.D. Frettier
Hollie Jackson

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Bonnie and Peter met and fell in love at Woodstock in the summer of 1969.  Fast forward 47 years later, and after a long and free loving marriage, Bonnie unexpectedly passes away and ends up in “The Green Room”.  She meets up with her best friend who passed away a few years ago and begins her journey to learn how the afterlife works, and reconnect with Peter.