Camelot’s Queen

Nicole Evelina
Serena Scott Thomas

HISTORICAL:  When Guinevere is forced into a marriage with King Arthur she does her duty, and eventually grows to care for her husband. She rules by his side as his equal, subduing the Picts and Saxons who threaten the safety of their kingdom.  However, plotting in the palace eventually ensnares her, and when she is believed dead Arthur installs another woman in her place.  Driven to the edge of sanity she is forced into another’s arms, as the kingdom searches for the Holy Grail in an attempt to bring everlasting unity to their lands.

In book two of Guinevere’s Tale, Nicole Evelina shows once again that she is a master of historical fiction.  Weaving together strands of a much-loved legend with political intrigue and historical romance is no easy feat, but Ms. Evelina accomplishes this with style.  

The engaging voice of Serena Scott Thomas is a beautiful addition to this tale, and draws the listener into the depths of the world that Ms. Evelina has created, breathing stunning life into it.  The voice acting here is top notch, although the production is sometimes let down by mouth noises between phrases.  

This is a highly recommended tale, and Ms. Evelina and Ms. Thomas are a great pairing.  Like a fine wine and a great meal, this audiobook should be savored and enjoyed by those with an appreciation for quality story telling.  If listeners ever wondered what results when combining expertly crafted historical fiction with a highly talented narrator, the answer is “Camelot’s Queen”!

TJ Richards