Shard of the Sun

Richard Fierce
Skyler Morgan

PARANORMAL:  When Broderick, an unsuspecting woodsman, finds a mysterious object in a lake he discovers that he is suddenly able to accomplish miraculous things. Immediately he is hunted by a powerful Necromancer who is hell-bent on using the astonishing shard – a relic of the conjured sun created eons ago by powerful wizards to replace their dying sun - to heal his broken body and defy death.  When his cousin’s wife is captured he is forced to bargain his shard for her freedom – but can he trust anyone?

Richard Fierce tells a story with all the set pieces of an epic fantasy: dark powers, good versus evil, elves, giants, swords and wizards.  The plot drives forward at a steady pace and the idea of a conjured sun is very original and intriguing.  The ending of the book felt as if it came too quickly and seemed a bit rushed - but left the story open for a sequel, which should be interesting.

Skyler Morgan has a voice like warm honey and is an excellent choice for narrator, although at times when the action ramps up he is almost too smooth and calm.  One will enjoy his subtle take on the different characters, and the production of this book is spot on. This audiobook will appeal to fans of Tolkien-style fantasy, dark wizards and the constant battle of good versus evil; this would make a lovely weekend listen and will keep the listener hooked until the end!

TJ Richards