Superors: The Potent


FANTASY:  Dolton Carter has just finished his junior year in high school and  discovered that for his summer break he gets to babysit his nephew, while his friends have better plans. He meets a boy about his age on the basketball court and discovers that there are truly evil creatures of the night, as well as half-breeds who work to save the last remaining humans. He is shunned by his family and mistrusted by his team of Superors — will Dolton overcome the obstacles placed in his way and save his city?

The story is set in a sleepy town in Virginia, where there are hidden secrets about the townspeople. Kaitlyn Turnboo is an imaginative and creative writer, and has penned main characters both interesting and likeable. The setting is well placed and the mystery is intriguing. However, in several instances the dialogue is jarring and sentence structure difficult to follow. There are several serious sequences of events but they end up sounding childish, with lines like, “I narrow my eyes at the case for a moment more,” or “My bones almost devote to lift my head.” There are several dramatic scenes with tag lines of the characters giggling. That aside, Ms. Turnboo has an imaginative mind that will leave readers breathless and wondering what will come next.

L. Kane