Recent Reviews

A Year with Geno

Caroline Taylor desperately wants to provide a stable home for her two young sons after her divorce. Unfortunately, an eviction notice sends her scrambling to find a new place to live with few options.

If You Believe

Melody lost her beloved husband Jack far too young and has not moved on. She cherishes their past, and rejects any attempts to date.  But her husband is looking on, and devises a plan to match Melody up with a new man and the hope of a loving husband and family.

While covering a Goth festival in Whitby, Becky finds more than wannabe Draculas and the white-faced undead. The tumblers of fate lock into place when she bumps into her old friend Lissy’s brother, Jon Nelson, who has a photography studio in the tourist town.

One More Second Chance

As Lobster Cove’s high school principal, Julia Stewart juggles community moral controversies and a sour-grapes co-worker.

Taming the Night

Alicia rides her Harley through the byways of America attracting deadly creatures that prey on innocent people. She’ll have to do it for eternity and she’s only eight years into the game.