Broken Pearl


PARANORMAL:  Rebecca O’Shea has every reason to believe that the troubles in her past are at an end.  She is engaged to the man of her dreams, and has found a family with her fellow nurses at the naval base in Pearl Harbor. However, the empathic gift she’s had her entire life is suddenly growing stronger and she knows something bad is coming. As war comes to Hawaii, Rebecca finds help in the mysterious form of Joel, her guardian angel. After the Japanese attack, Rebecca discovers that her gift can be a terrible burden that could destroy her if she lets it. Only Joel can help- but will she let him?

Set in 1941 around the attack on Pearl Harbor, “Broken Pearl” is more of a paranormal romance than historical novel. Although the setting is WWII, very little of the story deals with the war itself other than as a reason to trigger Rebecca’s empathetic gift. The story mostly focuses on Rebecca and Joel, with a very simple plot—Joel loves Rebecca but shouldn’t and Rebecca can’t control her gift--that probably could have been condensed down to a novella. While the idea of Rebecca’s gift is intriguing, Joel’s role as her guardian angel lacks consistency. He fluctuates between being a kind and caring person to being a jerk, somewhat obsessed with Rebecca. “Broken Pearl” is all about the feelings that will send the reader on a roller-coaster of emotions.

Sarah E. Bradley