Diamonds or Donuts


COMEDY:  Sarah Alexander thinks her happily-ever-after is right around the corner. As soon as her fiancé Logan returns from an extended archeological dig in Egypt, they can get married. Giving up her job and apartment will all be worth it. However, when she moves to Sunset Cove at her best friend Pippa’s suggestion, she meets Officer Kevin Jenkins, who makes her question her feelings for her fiancé. Determined to stay faithful to Logan, and keep Kevin as a friend, Sarah faces this question: which man will really make her happy?


A sweet and clean Christian Romance, “Diamonds or Donuts” involves a loyal, middle-class girl engaged to a handsome, upper-class guy. Their love is tested when she meets a truly caring and devoted cop next door. Sarah is good person trying to make things work. Logan is one of those guys the reader isn’t quite sure about since he is absent for so much of the book. Kevin falls for Sarah right away but tries to both respect her and win her at the same time. All of this leads to a fairly predictable plot with few wow moments. This is worth the read in that Sarah is believable and relatable, which can be hard to do. Further, the Christian themes are well written without being overpowering or underwhelming. “Diamonds or Donuts” is a sweet read for a lazy afternoon.


Sarah E. Bradley