Daring Passage (Spirited Away #2)


A thrilling historical sequel to “Spirited Away-A Novel of The Stolen Irish”, runaway slave Freddy O’Brennan is fleeing the Barbados plantation with her children, friend Birdie and the ship captain Colin Shea Brophy who entices her in a way that she never thought would happen again. Threatened on every side, the group decides to return to Birdie’s people where they hope their mixed blood children will find acceptance - away from the slave traders, bounty hunters, and English colonists. But it is a long trip to Virginia and it will take more than the luck of the Irish to get them there.


A different take on the early colonial days of the U.S., this series explores what slavery meant not only to the African slaves but also to the Indians and Irish who were enslaved as well. The story picks right up where the last left off, and the danger will have the reader on the edge of their seat the whole book. Between storms, slave catchers, crooked port authorities, and religious and racial battles on every side, the added romance between Freddy and Colin is the only break the reader will get from their firm grip on the book. The only issue is pace, which can be jarring between fast and slow. The content makes this a difficult read for some, but it gives a new perspective on early colonization and slavery worth reading about.


Sarah E. Bradley