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Sixteen-year-old Susan Smithson has been expelled from a school for young ladies in London, England. Lovely, but poor, she is sent to her uncle and aunt’s. There, she meets the wealthy and determined Lady Catherine de Bourgh, who desires young Susan to come to her mansion regularly to attend her by reading and doing various other chores.

Deflecting the Duke

Wrongfully banished from his home and family as a child, Wyatt Stanton grows up in a boarding school where he develops life-long, strong bonds with four other boys in similar circumstances. After graduation, however, he finds work as a spy for Wellington in the army until he is suddenly called home when his degenerate brother, the Duke of Armsbury, dies.

Death's Curses
Becca Fox and
Martha Agundez

Esmeralda “Esmer” Barnes is banished to Seattle to live with her great-aunt Dinah because of the trouble she caused in Boston. In Seattle, Esmer still can’t avoided difficulties, finding herself hiding out in the boy’s bathroom at college, dodging a bunch of bullies. Ironically, while hiding out there, she meets Charlie Campbell.

Lyon Eyes

Jennifer “Jenny” Hambling goes to the Lyon’s Den intending to find a husband. She is a smart, savvy businesswoman only intending to marry to retain control of her late father’s company. Jenny has no interest in her supposed betrothed and, through marriage only seeks to be in charge of her life and destiny. When Jenny meets Captain Frank Burrell, she knows she has found the perfect guy to wed.

Lying and Making a Living
William Dunlap
Narrator: Eric Altheide

This collection of short stories combines several writings and curated quotes from writer and painter William Dunlap. Several of these stories are incredibly brief and this collection utilizes footnotes to make clarifications and add ironic emphasis. Mr.