Deflecting the Duke


Wrongfully banished from his home and family as a child, Wyatt Stanton grows up in a boarding school where he develops life-long, strong bonds with four other boys in similar circumstances. After graduation, however, he finds work as a spy for Wellington in the army until he is suddenly called home when his degenerate brother, the Duke of Armsbury, dies. Wyatt has no desire for the title but realizes he must find a wife, sire children, and care for the home he both loves and hates. Meadow Grant was sold by her father to a man almost triple her age to pay her father’s gambling debts when she was barely introduced into her first season. Six years later, Meadow is now a widow and determined to find a husband with whom she can be happy and raise children. But Meadow’s husband held dark secrets that are now threatening to destroy her. Can Wyatt not only win her heart but protect her as she struggles to do what is right, even if it may cost her her life?

Wyatt and Meadow are the perfect examples of two people who are truly meant to be together! Both have lived through heart-wrenching experiences yet strive to be better and find happiness. Ms. Aston has a wonderful flair for heart-warming characters that tie the reader to those pages until the ultimate happy ending - no matter how unlikely it may seem! There are areas that beg for more depth and background understanding. And various scenes stretch believability into mere melodrama. Even so, if one just wants a lovely escape that centers around developing true love with a bit of intrigue, this offering is a delight.

Trigger warning – this story contains a brief rape scene and mentions a preference for children.

Ruth Lynn Ritter