Lyon Eyes


Jennifer “Jenny” Hambling goes to the Lyon’s Den intending to find a husband. She is a smart, savvy businesswoman only intending to marry to retain control of her late father’s company. Jenny has no interest in her supposed betrothed and, through marriage only seeks to be in charge of her life and destiny. When Jenny meets Captain Frank Burrell, she knows she has found the perfect guy to wed. Everything would work out perfectly except for Miles, the Duke of Goldthorpe, who sabotages each encounter. Jenny will never forget how Miles treated her or the horrible name he called her—Mill Girl. As Jenny tries to get to know Frank, Miles keeps interrupting every get-together. Jenny can’t get to know Frank because of Miles, and unaccountably, she might also like Miles. But, could Miles ever like Jenny? She’s a commoner and he’s a Duke.

What a refreshingly different historical romance that is truly a captivating read! In the beginning it is a little difficult to understand what happened between the hero and heroine. As the book progresses though, the reasons for their animosity slowly unfolds, and all becomes clear. Jenny, the sensible, free-spirited, feisty heroine is just a remarkable woman! She isn’t afraid of others or what happened in her past. Miles, the proper, snobbish hero, isn’t easy to like at first. Luckily, as he slowly evolves and shows his feelings, he becomes a character readers will enjoy. Ms. Lynne Connolly writes an enchanting story with fascinating plot twists, spine-tingling suspense, and intriguing characters that pull readers into the book holding them spellbound until the end!

Roslynn Ernst