Death's Curses

Becca Fox and
Martha Agundez

Esmeralda “Esmer” Barnes is banished to Seattle to live with her great-aunt Dinah because of the trouble she caused in Boston. In Seattle, Esmer still can’t avoided difficulties, finding herself hiding out in the boy’s bathroom at college, dodging a bunch of bullies. Ironically, while hiding out there, she meets Charlie Campbell. Charlie lives with his uncle, a police detective, and his sister Jasmine. Esmer learns that Charlie and Jasmine have a very special relationship with Death. Esmer keeps running into Charlie and forms a friendship with him. When Esmer tries to defend Charlie against the bullies, it puts her in danger. Esmer and Charlie’s closer relationship puts both in great peril. Especially, since there is a bigger threat to everyone, and many of the people around them are dying.

Ms. Fox and Ms. Agundez have penned a magnificent, fantastical tale that truly is a delight! The story moves seamlessly, even though it’s told from multiple points of view. Each character is brilliantly written and easily imagined. Esmer, Charlie and Jasmine are equally captivating when alone or when they’re together. The minor characters enhance the tale, giving it a well-rounded feel. And the enigmatic bond characters have with Death makes the story difficult to put down. The many hidden mysteries throughout are fun for the reader to try to unravel and make the book all the more interesting. Some time-jumping, especially with the added entries between the chapters, is a little confusing. All in all, “Death Curses” is a phenomenal story that readers will just adore!

Roslynn Ernst