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When Grace Connolly arrives in Ireland to deal with a property she was left by her great-great-uncle, she never imagined she’d run in to her childhood friend Finn, although she hoped she would. Memories of him have plagued her all her life, so when she does run into him purely by accident, sparks fly.

Bethea Glanville was determined to become a part of, and thoroughly enjoy, the high society of Edinburgh… and then she learned how many rules there are to follow, how boring it is, and how malicious the people can be. After attracting the unwanted and terrifying attention of the Earl of Montieth, Bethea winds up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Story Between Us

Reed Armstrong is struggling to keep his head above water as he adjusts to being the legal guardian of his six-year-old nephew Dylan, while trying to manage his high demand career. What does he know about parenting a grieving child who is still recovering from the injuries sustained during the accident that took his family?

UNfatally Dead: to thaw or not to thaw?
Wayne Edmiston
Narrator: Jim Seybert

YOUNG ADULT/SCI-FI/TIME TRAVEL:  In an alternate version of events, Walt Disney is indeed cryogenically frozen. Every five years, the decision to thaw him is proposed to a team of scientists. Despite fifty years having passed, he has not been forgotten or ignored.

Datta Groover
Narrator: Deva Groover

CONTEMPORARY/INSPIRATIONAL:  Frank MacBride has a tense and challenging relationship with his wife Sofia, which is further complicated by their nonverbal son, Sam, who seems to have a knack for getting into dangerous situations and exhibiting strange behaviors. Sometimes, it’s like he knows things he shouldn’t, and he believes he has the ability to heal others.