Rogue of Taurus


Livia Fabius is not like other college students. A Taurus House patrician, she was born with abilities that set her apart from the rest of the student body. However, the town of Caesarea where the rest of the Roman descendants with abilities like her own live has proved unfriendly to Livia, born and raised outside the tight knit community. The chance to live on her own and escape the judgment of Caesarean society appeals to Livia greatly. Until the morning she runs into Corvin Tullius, son of the Paterfamilias of Lupus house on campus. Certain Corvin was sent to spy on her, Livia rebuffs his initial friendly overtures but soon the lingering attraction from their past resurfaces and as the fall founding festival draws near, Livia is forced to face her feelings and discover just what it means to be Taurus patrician.

A fabulous modern paranormal tale, “Rogue of Taurus” has all the makings of a must-read story. The romance between Livia and Corvin builds over the course of the tale. The paranormal Roman society is unique and full of potential. The subplots dealing with trauma are expertly done. The characters grow and develop, engrossing the reader. The only drawback is that this book is a 2nd book posing as a 1st in the series. A great deal of time is devoted to mentioning trouble and events from before this book begins which makes the reader want to read about it all and still read more. Therefore, the author really needs to write at least two more books to satisfy the interest this book inspires.

Sarah E Bradley