The Viscount's Lady Novelist (The Linfield Ladies #2)


Harriet Linfield has been disillusioned by love. Harmed and threatened by the man she once thought she would marry, she returns home determined to avoid romantic entanglements and instead focus on her novels and turning the estate she inherited into a refuge for orphans. However, Oliver, Viscount Wentford also has plans for his own estates and unfortunately as Harriet’s neighbor, their differences quickly put them at odds despite the courtship Oliver wishes to pursue with her instead. When an old enemy returns, Harriet is forced to rethink her approach to love and whether the viscount is the villain she thinks or the hero she needs.

Harriet Linfield has few choices in a time when women had little control. Oliver is desperate to save his estates. This could be a recipe for a disaster but instead readers are given a solid romance where individual insecurities are addressed and overcome. Romance develops slowly, and naturally. Furthermore, both Harriet and Oliver are fairly average people but their kindness and flaws make them realistic and enjoyable to read about. While the plot is predictable and lacks major twists or unique traits, it successfully evokes the feelings involved in finding a sweet romance with a straightforward plot. Overall, readers who want a guaranteed happy ending, some character growth, and room for more books in the series will find this story more than meets expectations!

Sarah E Bradley