The Viking Mist (The Two Realms Trilogy #2)


In the three centuries since the Last Fairy King was assassinated no noble fay has been murdered. But when a mysterious murder leads Mab, Queen of Fairy to discover her elixir of immortality has been stolen, Mab accuses Talfryn’s parents of the deed and demands its return. With only five days to navigate time and the mortal world full of Cold Iron, Talfryn must find the human mother he has never known and recover the elixir. To do it, he’ll need aid from Fenella, Thaness of Thorburn. However, Fenella is trapped in dangerous circumstances herself. Fenella is attempting to secure her own freedom, thanedom, and possibly her love. In a time when shape-shifters, secrets, time travel, and interwoven fates challenge them all, retrieving the elixir could save or doom them all.

A fascinating tale of adventure, romance, with a healthy dose of time travel and myths. As the second book, the story picks up shortly after the events of the first and leans heavily on the prior events to push the plot forward. Since the story follows several characters across different timelines, it can become confusing at times for readers to follow. Also, there are several loose ends that need resolving. However, the exciting twists and turns of fate and myth make this book very interesting, and readers will quickly find themselves invested in the outcome. The romance is light but the choices the characters make are heavy and full of big impacts. Overall, this is a story for lovers of fantasy adventures and Scottish mythology.

Sarah E Bradley