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MAGICAL REALISM:  Evelyn Hernandez couldn’t be happier. Her bullies have been brought to justice, she has an adoring boyfriend, and she’s returned to drawing in her journal… But then the nightmares begin. She soon believes her nightmares are messages from the future, dire warnings that something terrible will happen at her school soon. Can she stop it?

On Edge

An American military Colonel is killed in Kabul, Afghanistan, and the suspected killer is a liaison with the Afghan military.  The number of “Green on Blue” (Afghan vs.

Ella Keyes loses her twin brother to a fatal car accident, and she can’t help but blame herself.  In order to cope she spins a cocoon of safety and familiarity.  Her ‘perfect’ life starts to spira

Orphan Kinsey Fletcher is told she has a sick uncle living in the United States and the Mathairs want her to bring him back to the Courts of Draiochta to treat him.

MEDIEVAL:  It’s 1187 A.D. and the Lord of Winter, Sir Juston de Royans, has been sent by Richard the Lionheart to take Bowes Castle. Juston has never lost a battle and his reputation is known far and wide, but Bowes is a tougher target than he’s faced before. He finally succeeds in taking the castle and all within it, including the now-dead lord’s sister-in-law, Emera la Marche.