Y’Keta (The Sky Road Trilogy Book 1)

New Adult

FANTASY:  "Y’Keta" is an epic fantasy story set in an ancient world, where the Sky Road offers a way to the stars. Y’Keta, the main character, has just found a new place to settle when it is threatened by secrets from his past. If Y’Keta shares his knowledge with the villagers, it will destroy their history and traditions… However, at the same time Y’Keta’s knowledge may be their only chance of survival when the village becomes under attack. 

With a culture reminiscent of Native American culture, and strong world building, "Y’Keta", the first book in The Sky Road Trilogy, offers an intriguing story with a solid setting. Often, epic fantasy books rely on European medieval settings or Roman settings to draw inspiration from; it’s refreshing to see a book drawing inspiration from Native American culture, for a change. The prose is lyrical, unfortunately sometimes a little too lyrical. While it fits the mythos the book tries to create, it also makes the plot drag a little. 

Told in several distinct voices and POV’s, and following characters as they grow from children into adults, it’s a coming-of-age story that while different also feels familiar, yet in a good way. The familiarity comes from being able to relate to the characters, not from having a rehashed plot. 

Majanka Verstraete