Fated Desires


Jenna Gavin seeks to escape her verbally abusive and neglectful husband by moving to her brother’s hometown of Trappers’ Cove, Minnesota. Kindling a new romance is not on her agenda. When she meets former baseball superstar, Gabriel Foxx, she strives desperately to keep him at bay and away from eight-year-old Finn, who craves the father figure missing from his life. However, when Gabriel suggests the two strike up a casual, uncommitted relationship, Jenna takes the bait, believing a little fun might be just what she needs. As time goes by and Gabriel grows closer to both mother and child, can he forget the tragedy he suffered in his own life, while overcoming Jenna’s resolve to remove him from Finn’s world?

Fans of contemporary romance will fall for this tale of modern-day star-crossed lovers and Ms. Flade’s diverse syntax stylings. Large jumps in time may cause some readers to feel as though parts of the story have escaped them, and the combination of Gabe’s arrogance with Jenna’s abrasiveness could hinder an emotional connection. Some may find the sexual innuendo a tad over-the-top, and Jenna’s tendency to fly off the handle too easily and ferociously (when she isn’t acting out with the angst of a teen), to grate on the nerves. The touch of paranormal element lends creativity to the mix, and events in the latter half of the book will keep readers bound to the page. Those who love a sharp tongue served with their story, accompanied by banter spiced heavily with erotic implication will definitely enjoy “Fated Desires”.

Claudette Melanson