The Firstborn


Sophia Brixton finds her hands full of responsibility at the tender age of nineteen. After losing both her parents to illness a few years previous, her younger sister Lucy abandons Sophia, leaving her infant son George behind in her older sister’s care. Posing as a recently widowed mother in her new hometown of Strathearth, England, Sophia hopes to escape the scandal raised by George’s illegitimate birth. If dealing with the harsh judgment of the townspeople isn’t hardship enough, Sophia soon finds her quiet life shattered when George’s uncle, Finnian Haughton, arrives on her doorstep. 

This exceptionally well-written narrative takes place during the Regency Era in England and will delight fans of Jane Austen. The author has elevated the language to reflect the period without over-embellishing, and adds many personal details to the story to charm her readers. The characters are fleshed out so that the reader becomes well acquainted with both the hero and heroine. There is no detailed account of why the sisters were left nearly penniless by their parents, and some may find Sophia’s willingness to defend her sister a tad too righteous to be true. Such small problems detract little from the story, one that reminds the reader of the danger in placing too much importance in the opinions of strangers. The romance was sweet and did not overpower the perfectly paced story line, and the dialogue was very smooth and authentic. Ms. Olson has penned a delightful story filled with beautiful moments that will stir the heart of any reader.

Claudette Melanson