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Jasmine Green was burned badly by her ex. Forced to return home after her divorce, she retains the matchmaking service of Oliva Joyner to push through the dating scene. Donovan Boyd is doing well in his career, and after a year living and working in Heaven, NH, he decides it’s time to take the next step and settle down.

Lord Andrew St. John’s gambling and drinking have driven his estate to near bankruptcy. Desperate to save it, he uses his charm to con naïve women into giving him both jewelry and coins. Then he overhears a stunning young woman boast of her family’s wealth and he sets on a course to win the lady and her dowry.

In office only a year, Sheriff Elizabeth "Ellie" Benoit has plenty on her plate with the mighty Mississippi overflowing its banks and flooding her Iowa county. When Deputy Lila Dayne discovers a dead body dumped in a field, matters get worse. For Lila, the discovery sends her into a tailspin that brings ugly memories to the surface.

When Charlotte Robinson discovers her employer's murdered body, she is forced to go on the run. Entrusted with a journal kept by that lady, Charlotte knows that she could become a target of the killer. Changing her name to Caroline Rutherford, she takes a position as a companion to the sister of the Earl of Devere.

FANTASY: A civil war between the gods looms over the world. As the chaos begins, Korrina runs off with the intention to save her love, Jared. But Jared is still trapped under the control of Phorkys, and his love is not fully within his power to give. While trapped, Korrina discovers her mother is trapped there as well. Phorkys gives Korrina a choice: join his side or be imprisoned forever.