The Wife Win (Puget Sound Pilots #2)

New Adult

SPORTS ROMANCE: Marek Talbert is the most coveted interview for many sports journalists. He’s the General Manager of the Puget Sound Pilots basketball team. He’s well respected by his peers, team, staff, and fans of the game, not so much by his ex-wife Jasmine. Marek has kept his personal life out of the public eye… until now. His ex is planning a tell-all memoir due to be released soon. When an assertive sports journalist catches him off guard, he surprises himself when he consents to an exclusive interview. Harper Conrad is knowledgeable about all things hoops and needs to up her game to up her income. She is dedicated to her sister and family and truly won’t back down until she gets the shot for her career - which will be life changing.

A slam-dunk, game winning story! Readers be warned: there will be no stopping until the last page is read! Ms. Hill has penned an amazing sports story between two unlikely candidates. The hero exhibits a solid and prickly shell while exposing a soft, vulnerable inside. The heroine is a true underdog who has paid her dues, showing her loyalty to all she knows and loves. There are twists and some delicate subject matters that are tastefully portrayed. Angst is added with miscommunication overload, which is sorted and rewarding. Readers who enjoy sports genre romance will devour this one, and possibly the entire series. This book stands alone, but readers will want to add the series to their radar and read them all!

Viola Robbins