Ripples Under The Sea

Susan Jean

CONTEMPORARY: Planning a vacation with friends, Merilee is excited for a break from work. While visiting Canada and far away from her usual, day-to-day job as a dolphin trainer, Merilee meets Travis. Travis is a whale expert, and they discover they both live in San Diego, California. Their instant attraction and vacation mindset makes it easy for them to get caught up in the romance of it all. The two are inseparable and have a deep connection right from the get-go. Neither wants the vacation to end, so they start dreaming and planning for when they go back to their real lives. Will their common education and passion unite them and keep the bond strong once they continue their relationship in the ‘real world’? Or will outside sources pull them apart?

“Ripples Under The Sea” is a sweet holiday novella that will keep readers glued to the pages to see what each chapter brings. Ms. Ricci has a rich knowledge of marine life and what it takes to dedicate oneself to the vocation of marine preservation. The romance, hot and heavy in super quick fashion, may not be realistic, but readers can dream and escape with the characters and watch their budding romance. There is suspense and drama followed by loss and hurts. The characters and their emotions are all well drawn and written from the heart. Although some parts of the story feel rushed, this story is, all in all, a sweet novella that will warm readers’ hearts and spread much holiday cheer at Christmastime.

Viola Robbins