Monterey King (California Suits #3)


Lucy Goodwin has an interview for a job that has been her dream career for years. She’s a bit nervous, as there is history with the group of resort owners that she’s   interviewing with. The group includes five best friends who decide to start a business of high-end hotel resorts throughout California, which include all the amenities, even wedding venues. Cameron Taylor is one of the five, and he’s taken aback by the scheduled interview with Lucy for the wedding coordinator position. They were high school sweethearts until Cam chose to serve his country in the US Army and broke off their relationship and never looked back. After many tears over Cam, Lucy moved on and focused on her career. Will her dream job become reality? Or will past hurts muddy the waters?

“Monterey King” is a turbulent yet sweet read of second chance love. Book three hits at the heart of all that matters: successful business group, military veterans, and the love of family and friends that’s the glue to hold it together. Ms. Marti has incorporated a lovely saga that includes a military veteran with significant PTSD and also an amputee. The author’s approach in incorporating these facets is thoughtfully done. The second chance love plot is not unique; however, this story is creative and carefully done. There are hidden gems within the supporting characters and an endearing service dog. The main characters are distinguished and portrayed as professional with sincere family bonds. This is the third book in the series and stands alone; however, reading the others will allow readers to get to know the cast that rounds out the close knit group. Delightful!

Viola Robbins