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Darium Blackseed, the Sin Eater of the land of Mura, believes he’s supposed to live out his destiny—eating souls and eventually sacrificing his soul into The Dark Abyss. However, fate seems to have another plan for this Sin Eater.

Right when he’s on the verge of going pro, Jason Allen gets into a major car accident after a football training camp. After the accident, Jason is in a coma with no hope for his future; that’s when he starts to hear a voice, talking to him and bringing him back from his long sleep.

Elizabeth Thornwood loves her husband, the Earl of Thornwood, and she knows he loves her too, but she doesn’t understand why he’s left her to a lonely existence in their country estate. Two years later, Elizabeth needs to know where their marriage stands, and while Richard is happy they’re in London, he continues to put space between them.

Side Squeeze (Jasper Falls, Book 6)
Lydia Michaels
Narrator: Amber Battaglia

CONTEMPORARY: It’s been ten years since Harrison Montgomery ran off to escape his abusive father, taking Mariella Mosconi’s heart with him. He’s built a new life for himself in New York and rarely allows himself to think of all he left behind in Jasper Falls. The first of two regrets, though, is standing in front of him and their chemistry is still electric.

When Hazel and her traveling companion, Ms. Nella Westbrook, get turned away from meeting Hazel’s father for Christmas; they get more than they bargained for on the journey back to London.