Unintentional: A Stand-Alone College Sports Romance (Blitzed Book 2)

New Adult

Right when he’s on the verge of going pro, Jason Allen gets into a major car accident after a football training camp. After the accident, Jason is in a coma with no hope for his future; that’s when he starts to hear a voice, talking to him and bringing him back from his long sleep. Ellie Pierson, a computer expert and skilled drummer who’s been invisible her whole life, enters the picture by seeking out Jason while he’s still in a coma so she can find a little comfort in a friend who’s been through an event just as haunting as she’s experienced, slowly trying to convince him his life is worth living. What will happen when the football player wakes up to find out just who’s been whispering in his ear, bringing him back to life?

Get ready for this raw and heartwarmingly romantic college sports romance novel that will pull at the heartstrings of every reader who buries their nose in it. The author does a wonderful job of slowly building up the characters’ romance naturally, and making the reader feel just as involved in their individual lives as in their lives together. A downfall of the book is at the beginning when Jason leans toward the same cocky personality he had before his accident, and lets other people stereotype Ellie without defending her. The romance wasn’t as cliché as one would think, the geek-jock, broken background combination makes for a unique plotline that keeps readers thoroughly engaged. The ending also felt rushed, but the author manages to tie up loose ends perfectly and satisfy the reader with some final sexy moments.

Austen Grace