Healing Hazel (The Blue Orchid Society #3)


When Hazel and her traveling companion, Ms. Nella Westbrook, get turned away from meeting Hazel’s father for Christmas; they get more than they bargained for on the journey back to London. From the train being bombed and not knowing what comes next, Hazel is able to stay at the makeshift Red Cross hospital, working as a nurse, and comes to realize her life’s mission, the meaning of friendship, and she falls in love. Dr. Jim Jackson learns to trust Hazel and sees that he has misjudged her as he gets to know her, resulting in healing and new journeys for himself.

As the third book in The Blue Orchid Society series, this can be read  a stand-alone book. The author has interwoven the characters of the Blue Orchid Society seamlessly and shows how friendship, even though far from each other, is everlasting. As readers follow the story of Hazel and Dr. Jackson, they will find themselves turning page after page until the journey is complete. Ms. Moore has written not just a tale, but a journey for the readers to experience! Ms. Moore’s well rounded stories, not just for the main characters but for the supporting characters throughout the book, leave no question unanswered, and the reader filled with love from this charming, masterfully written tale. An unexpected highlight comes at the end of book where the author explains more of real life history as it pertains to the setting of the story. History buffs and others will enjoy every aspect of this simply delightful tale!

Heather Kroll