Love Abandoned (Honorable Intentions, Book 2)


Elizabeth Thornwood loves her husband, the Earl of Thornwood, and she knows he loves her too, but she doesn’t understand why he’s left her to a lonely existence in their country estate. Two years later, Elizabeth needs to know where their marriage stands, and while Richard is happy they’re in London, he continues to put space between them. An opportunity presents itself for him to assist in the war efforts by passing along ciphers, but when Elizabeth finds Richard in a compromising position, she is devastated. Realizing there’s no fix to their broken marriage, she flees back to the country to begin her new life alone. What will it take to convince Richard that love is worth the risk?

Elizabeth and Richard are two people who love each other deeply, but when Elizabeth almost died in childbirth, Richard decided he would do whatever it took to keep her safe, even if it meant leaving her alone in the country. Readers will enjoy the bit of espionage and cloak and dagger the author has written into the story. The intrigue is a nice distraction from everything that’s left unsaid and unexplained. Readers will find this book is not a standalone. If one hasn’t read the first of the series, one should, otherwise readers will be confused about several aspects of the story: what is wrong with Elizabeth and Richard’s second child, Sebastien; the backstory of Elizabeth’s friend, Catherine; and the arrival of Catherine’s brother, Laurence, near the end of the story. The story will end on a high note as Richard finally realizes that communication is key, and love always finds a way.

Heather McCoubrey