Reviews - Paranormal

Erika wants desperately to move away from her abusive family. As a little girl she found the woods to be a place of peace and would go there often to get away from her family. When she discovers wolves in the woods that almost seem like statues, she becomes very emotionally attached to them, seeking them out whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Dark Wine at Halloween

MYSTERY: As if Henry adjusting to being a new vampire parent and Cerissa having recently been acquitted of the mayor’s murder isn’t enough, a fun night out with their friends, Rolf and Karen, to visit a Haunted Funhouse, turns into another headache as they find a newborn vampire feeding on one of the staff members.

Ghost Mark

When Jane Walker’s nightmares return taking a shocking turn in the form of bright white marks on her skin, no one is more surprised than her. Thinking the nightmares were gone for good, this time she starts to notice small differences, such as the marks no longer being invisible but ghost-like.

Isobel is a down on her luck witch, who refuses to use her magic and makes a living through reading tarot cards. When her clients start dying, Detective Michael Sullivan shows up on her doorstep and puts the blame on her for the murders. Now that she is a suspect Isobel sets out with the help of her best friend, David, and a ghost named Viola to prove her innocence, and who really did it.

Peyton is a witch and seer who has visions of people she does not know that come true. She tries to figure out who the people are in her visions so she may help them. Peyton’s latest vision is about an old man and a boy, which leads her to Siren’s Cove. As she searches for the man and the boy, she runs into an old flame, Roman, who broke her heart eight years ago.