Ghost Mark


When Jane Walker’s nightmares return taking a shocking turn in the form of bright white marks on her skin, no one is more surprised than her. Thinking the nightmares were gone for good, this time she starts to notice small differences, such as the marks no longer being invisible but ghost-like. Putting herself in danger each and every time she enters a dream leaves Jane feeling vulnerable at best. Discovering that her dreams are a link to the past, and that each dream holds clues to the puzzle, Jane must work quickly to find out who these murdering thugs from her dreams are before she or someone she cares for loses their life. Jane is living in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse whether she wants to or not, knowing the dreams won’t end until the mystery is solved.

Ms. McLean has done it again in this captivating nail-biter that will leave the reader thirsting for more! Jane and Sadie are back in this riveting story that will once again test their friendship, their relationships, and their butt-kicking skills. As the second in the series, it is a tad slow in spots, yet this book is still an absolute delight to read! Watching Jane and Ethan progress and grow in their personal relationship all the while butting heads with their stubbornness while trying to solve crime is amusing. Every character that returns from the first book shows major growth, making the reader fall even more in love with them, and the new character only added to the fun. Truly, a magical work of art!

Marie Sanderson