Serenity’s Gift (The Wolves of Whitebark Stand #1)


Erika wants desperately to move away from her abusive family. As a little girl she found the woods to be a place of peace and would go there often to get away from her family. When she discovers wolves in the woods that almost seem like statues, she becomes very emotionally attached to them, seeking them out whenever the opportunity presents itself. When Erika is finally able to leave her family, she changes her name to Serenity Chase. And not only that, but she decides to take the wolves with her into a new home she’s bought for herself. Unbeknownst to Serenity, the community she’s just moved into is filled with wolf shifters. Follow Serenity as she discovers her family’s past, the truth about who she really is, and how she can help save the wolves.

“Serenity’s Gift” is an action-packed adventure following a pretty down-to-earth main character as she uncovers things she never knew about herself and her family. The wolf shifter characters are presented well and the history behind what happened to them is very interesting. The premise of the book is unlike any other. Readers will be very captivated by how the story unfolds and the small amount of romance that is entwined within the book. There is a trigger warning for this book as it does mention sexual abuse of a minor. In the middle of the book, the pacing slows down quite a bit, but the reader will get sucked back into the adrenaline-fueled moments shortly thereafter.

Jennifer Shepherd